DB 450

A good example of thinking outside the box – Peter Davies, Ifremer


We developed a unique dinghy, the FLAX 450, made from a network of aluminium tubes carefully placed using FEA calculations to take the load throughout the boat. This allowed us to reduce the overall weight of the boat. This method of structural layout allows us to use the steel frame as a plug, and therefore avoid the use of moulds.

We can then finish it in two ways.

1. 3D print the panel and cover the structure. The structure allows us to use any size 3D printer.
2. We can make a classic laminate in a flax fibre and blasa mould and then glue the aluminium frame.

Longueur Hors-tout: 4.50 m
Longueur à la flottaison: 4.10 m
Largeur: 1.80 m
Déplacement lège: 120 m
Tirant d'eau: 1.15 m
Surf. de voile au près: 12 m2
Surface de voile au portant: 21 m2
Capacité: 2 pax
Catégorie: C

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Ox Eye

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