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We are two young engineers and naval architects with a strong desire to bring our own vision of naval architecture to your projects and bring our freshness and know-how to help you and your clients develop your designs.

We work with your ideas to ensure that your customers are satisfied with all aspects of your projects, and to guarantee quality, costs and deadlines.

Corentin Le Roy

Trained as a naval architect at ENSA Nantes, Corentin initially worked in a shipyard, handling both aluminium and composites, which gave him a broad vision of shipbuilding. He continued his professional career with shipyards and naval architects in France and abroad to strengthen his vision of naval architecture and acquire a versatile technique in design and engineering.

Thibault Lecarpentier

After graduating in engineering from ENSTA Bretagne, Thibault obtained a Master's degree in naval architecture and eventually joined one of France's leading shipyards, while continuing to sail, improving his technical and practical skills in ocean racing. He then joined an architectural firm in Spain, working on professional boat and yacht projects.

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Modern lines, innovative designs, new inspirations, discover our custom yachts.

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