Seawind 1170

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Seawind Catamaran

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For several years now, we have been working closely with the Seawind Catamaran shipyard in Vietnam to produce stability and structural calculation studies. This project was particularly relevant, as it involved a complete case study for their new 11.70-metre cruising catamaran. This catamaran embodies modernity and comfort. Its sleek lines and innovative hull shapes give it a captivating aesthetic. This catamaran offers an exceptional sailing experience, combining comfort, safety and pleasure. Its revolutionary design ensures optimum stability in all sea conditions, allowing passengers to enjoy serene cruising and discover exotic destinations with complete peace of mind. With its distinctive looks and cutting-edge features, this cruising catamaran from Seawind Catamaran is ready to impress sailing enthusiasts the world over.

Caractéristiques générales

Longueur Hors-tout: 11,7 m
Longueur à la flottaison: 11,7 m
Largeur: 6,45 m
Déplacement lège: 12,5 t m
Tirant d'eau: 1,4 m
Motorisation: 2x 29 Hp
Surf. de voile au près: 84,5 m2
Catégorie: A