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Design, Engineering, Naval Architecture

About Ox Eye

Where Innovation Sails on Green Waves

Ox Eye stands at the forefront of eco-friendly yacht design, merging the elegance of traditional sailing with the virtues of sustainability. Based in the sailing heart of Lorient, France, we specialize in bespoke yacht solutions for shipyards, private owners, and design teams, crafting vessels that respect the earth and inspire the seas.

Choosing Ox Eye means opting for a cleaner, greener maritime future without compromising on luxury or performance. We invite you to join us in pioneering a sustainable path for the yachting world, where every project is an opportunity to make a difference.

We are Naval Architects

Naval architecture is the subtle art of compromise where engineering and art blend to form a whole. Our main objective is to meet our customers’ needs and expectations to produce a high-performance, well-balanced boat incorporating cutting-edge technologies.

01. Standards

02. Stability

03. Hydrodynamics

04. Interior Design & GA

We are Engineers

Our tools enable us to optimise every aspect of the structure to offer you robustness and performance. Ox Eye can also advise you on the best ways to use natural fibres in your designs to reduce your carbon footprint and make your projects more environmentally friendly.

01. Structural design and scantling

03. Innovative manufacturing process

02. Finite Elements Analysis

04. Natural fibres and bio-composites

We are Designers

A timeless, modern and visually stunning design, crafted with Ox Eye’s fresh perspective. Our agency will provide you with a comprehensive and detailed design service to maximise reliability and relevance for both client and builder.

01. From idea to reality

03. Inspired by nature, designed for the seas

02. Photo-realistic rendering

04. Because when it’s beautiful, it’s better

We are passionate designers

01. Creativity

We have the experience and expertise to create the perfect design for your needs. Bring a fresh eye to your projects and turn your ideas into reality.

02. Services tailored to your ideas

Our engineering and design services are of the utmost rigour and we use the latest technology to create the perfect solution for your needs.

03. Fast, no-obligation quote

We work closely with shipyards and customers to ensure that our designs meet their specific requirements.

04. A team at your service

We are committed to providing the best possible service to our customers and are always available to answer any questions or queries you may have.