TriFlax 960

The TriFlax 960 was designed in collaboration with designers Noémie Provost, Nicolas Salaun and Charles Duboeuf.

The aim of this fast, powerful trimaran is to provide thrills and spills aboard a boat that is fast, powerful thanks to its beam and voluminous floats, as well as its generous sail area. Despite this, the interior is light and airy, with plenty of room to spend the weekend on board during coastal cruises. The deck layout is designed for ease of use, so you can get the feel of a multihull quickly and safely.

Adapted in flax fibre by Ox Eye, it is customisable and has features worthy of the great racing multihulls.

Longueur Hors-tout: 10 m
Longueur à la flottaison: 9.50 m
Largeur: 7.50 m
Déplacement lège: 2100 m
Tirant d'eau: 0.45 / 2.10 m
Surf. de voile au près: 70 m2
Surface de voile au portant: 140 m2

Clients :

Ox Eye

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