The first in a series of fast and powerful dayboats with their semi-scow voluminous hulls, the DB8 also stands out for its construction method. To minimize the boat’s carbon footprint, the DB8 features an aluminum structure optimized through calculations and covered with flax fiber panels.

Thanks to optimization calculations, this combination of materials offers stiffness and weight equivalent to that of glass/epoxy composite while saving on molds and drastically reducing its environmental impact. This also allows for extensive customization for owners. With its unique design featuring a large open cockpit and an adaptable deck layout, this pivoting-keel dayboat has everything to attract both fast cruising and racing enthusiasts, with its 46m2 of upwind sail area for a 2.2-ton displacement.

Longueur Hors-tout: 8.6 m
Longueur à la flottaison: 8.6 m
Largeur: 2.5 m
Déplacement lège: 1200 m
Tirant d'eau: 0.8/1.2 m
Motorisation: 40 cv
Surf. de voile au près: 78 m2
Surface de voile au portant: 136 m2
Capacité: 6 pax
Catégorie: B

Clients :

Ox Eye

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