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Corsair Marine

Date :

As part of the development of the Corsair 880 designed by Yacht Design Collective, Ox Eye was asked to carry out a structural study on the connecting beams of the new Corsair 880. The aim of this study was to make the beams more reliable and to limit deformation in order to ensure the reliability of the entire structure over time.

Structural optimisation using regulatory calculations and finite elements to validate the arm structure.

Thanks to the optimisation of the arm structure and the FEA calculations carried out, Ox Eye was able to validate the sizing of the linking arms of the high-speed trimaran produced by Corsair Marine.

Caractéristiques générales

Longueur Hors-tout: 8.80 m
Largeur: 6.80 / 2,50 m
Déplacement lège: 1660 m
Tirant d'eau: 0,30 / 1,80 m
Motorisation: 9,9 cv