China Dream

We are proud to present our innovative project to design a prosthesis for skipper Jingkun Xu to facilitate his manoeuvres aboard the IMOCA China Dream. As naval architects, we carried out a meticulous 3D scan of his missing arm to design a bespoke prosthesis, perfectly adapted to his specific needs. Our team used its expertise to create a prosthesis that was both functional and comfortable, giving Jingkun Xu greater freedom of movement and improved performance during his competitions.

The prosthesis was rigorously tested during the Route du Rhum 2022, where Jingkun Xu was able to demonstrate his exceptional control using our creation. Thanks to our personalised approach, we were able to significantly improve the skipper’s sailing experience, enabling him to concentrate fully on his passion without the constraints of his disability. This project embodies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of marine engineering and providing innovative solutions to overcome obstacles.

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China Dream

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